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Security Program Evaluation

The periodic evaluation of existing security programs is a prudent methodology whereby a company can identify whether existing protections and safeguards remain adequate in the face of changing threats and risks.  Depending upon the need, The Banks Group's program evaluations will address all the security program elements and how effectively they integrate with one another.  Changes or enhancements to one program element will require consideration in other elements to ensure the maximum return on the security effort.

As part of the program evaluation process The Banks Group considers potential "best-in-class" practices and application of security technology for the specific environment.  Although this and other similar terms are often heard it is imprudent to apply any of them without careful consideration as to whether they will be appropriate within your environment.  In this instance a "Gap Analysis" might be used to identify what is the most appropriate path to follow and what the return will be on your effort and financial expenditure.

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