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The Banks (Risk Mitigation) Group. Inc.

The Banks Group brings extensive experience and and expertise in the physical and procedural security environment gained from its years of experience in both the public and private sector markets.

The Banks Group resources include professional engineers; certified security risk assessment and board certified security management specialists, ex-federal law enforcement personnel as well as security trainers.

The Environment

The need for security has always been present.  The events of recent years have emphasized the need for continued vigilance and practical security strategies.  Indications are that our future security needs will be no less important to us.

Effective Security Strategies

Meaningful security measures are developed and implemented based on the application of sound risk management principals.  Security protections must be practical for the environment and incorporate strategies which support as well as protect day to day business operations.

Strategic security planning integrates all elements of security to establish an effective security program where its individual components mutually support one another.  Redundancy is built into the implementation process so the system can respond dynamically to a failure of one or more security components.

Market Sector Experience

The Banks Group has been involved in projects which span the aviation, marine ports and other transportation, retail, post secondary education, high-rise multi-tenant and office structures, manufacturing, gold and diamond mining, nuclear and public utilities, high technology research and development, gaming, government services, multi-disciplined engineering, health care and legal services sectors.

These initiatives have included:

  • Threat, risk and vulnerability analysis

  • Countermeasure effectiveness analysis

  • Security program evaluation

  • Development of strategic security programs

  • Engineering design of security protections and safeguards such as:

    • Electronic Access Control

    • Closed Circuit Video Technology

    • Perimeter protection and parking security

    • Target hardened structures (protection against force attack)

    • Ballistic resistant (armoured) architectural glazing installations and passenger vehicles

  • Benchmarking existing security programs and activities against best-in-class practices

  • Development and implementation of security policies and procedures

  • Training of security staff and security awareness briefings for corporate personnel

  • Development of corporate crisis response which included pre-foreign travel briefings and surviving kidnap/ransom incidents

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